Hair Cutting Terms

Talking to a hairdresser can be awkward when you’re not sure of hair cutting terminology. Study these definitions, to avoid a mane malfunction!
Spencer’s Hair Designs Stylists reveal hair cutting terms to help you communicate, and receive the best possible outcome of your salon visit!

Hair Cutting Terms You Can Understand

Blunt Hair Cut

Hair Cutting
A haircut that is all one length with no layers, can be short or long. This cut is a great for thin, fine or fragile hair to preserve the density and integrity of the hair.

Hair Texture

The term hair texture can refer to hair that is fine, coarse or medium hair texture. In hair cutting the term texturing refers to different techniques used we to remove bulk in certain areas or create volume. Hair stylists use various tools and techniques when creating a certain detail
in the interior of the haircut without losing length, great for creating volume on straight, short and undone styles.

Cutting Techniques

Point cutting techniques is when the shear tips snip out small pieces of hair at the length to create softness and movement. Razor cut for straight hair only. A razor cut creates choppy pieces layers. Also, removes unwanted bulk. Techniques and tool that slide along the hair shaft of curly hair only causes damage and can lead to considerable frizz. Curly hair needs to be cut blunt and often specific areas need to be thinned in order to create the desired silhouette. Therefore a blunt internal cut works best on curly hair.


A fringe is a European name for Bangs. This can be a face-framing layer across the forehead. A fringe can be cut straight across for heavy blunt bangs, choppy or layered blending into the rest of the haircut.


Layers are separate from the overall length; they are shorter pieces of hair that blend seamlessly within the haircut. They can be on the surface or within the haircut. Layers provide volume. It can build fullness to a particular part of your hairstyle, as in a stacked bob or wedge line.


The hair graduates from long to short or short to long. This can relate to graduating the back of a stacked bob, while forward graduation refers to layering around the front of the haircut framing the face.

Point Cutting

Point cutting technique- Short pretty hair cut
Cutting the hair with the scissors positioned vertically. This technique gives a light texture, softness, and movement to the ends of the hair.


stacked wedge bob with detail finishing
Means to cut the smallest amount of hair at the ends, to remove fragile or split ends. Perfect for growing hair out longer or clean up to present hair shape.

Dry Cutting

Typically, this is a second- round of hair cutting done when hair is already dry. This is when precision and haircut quality finishing takes place. For this reason, our stylists agree, this is the most important part of a haircut. We highly recommend having your hair styled after a haircut. Dry cutting can also be a primary cutting method that’s great for attention to shape and detail. It also allows your hairstyle to be cut the way you prefer to wear your hair texture.

A haircut with the weight line length at your chin area below your ears. A Lob is a longer version of the bob, with the weight line length grazing the collarbone.


Short haircut close to the scalp. Softness is added with texture techniques to create fullness. This is a low maintenance easy wear hairstyle.

Razor Cut

This tool is used to remove unwanted bulk, increase volume, add choppiness and to detail to a style, leaving it with lighter, tapered ends. Razor cutting is not advisable for curly hair. It can induce damage and create frizz. Curly hair is best cut with blunt interior shaping.

Weddings and Special Event Hair Stylist

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Kirsten Thompson is simply the best wedding hair designer in Fort Walton Beach. Her modern approach and beautiful natural hair designs are what she promises to deliver. Kirsten’s hairstyle services include flawless, precision bridal up-dos, half-up/half down, long loose curls, elegant styling for bridal attendees, precision haircut and facial grooming for the groom and groomsmen.

Wedding Bridal Trial

Kirsten recommends a pre-wedding bridal trial appointment. (Discounts apply) A trial practice gives the bride an opportunity to discuss her preferences. This experience will enable her to feel confident about her hair style and how well the style holds prior to the big day. The trial appointment takes place at our salon location, Spencer’s Hair Designs 17, Racetrack Road NW. Fort Walton Beach F.l 32547. The appointment usually last 2-3 hours. The fitting and arrangement of veils, hair accessories,  and accent embellishments can be done during this time. At the trial, you can discuss your vision with Kirsten and she will work with you to ensure you absolutely love your look.


On Location Mobile Hair Studio Is Available

Kirsten offers a mobile hair studio at your designated location and her service is amazing. Having a bridal stylist come to you can ease up your schedule. She will arrive with a complete mobile hair studio to your destination. It’s a luxury to choose when and where you would like to get ready for your big day. Location service fees are additional.

Clean and Sanitary
All of our mobile equipment is clean prior to use. All workspace counters will also be disinfected to provide a clean surface for our tools.

No Footprint Left Behind

The mobile set up is quick and quiet all before your event start time. After our work is complete, we immediately remove our equipment completely and quietly. You can then focus on the rest of your wedding preparation with confidence.

Affordable Luxury for your convenience

Pricing is very competitive with no surprising fees. Prices vary depending on the bride’s request. We can arrange location fees and special requests at the consultation appointment including needs for your Bridal attendees, the groom and groomsmen,
Contact Kirsten Thompson 850.499.3393 for your bridal and special events hairstyles.
Have no worries, your hair will reflect your natural beauty and hair type at its best!

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