Women’s Hair Cut and style


Tired of the same old look and ready for a change? Need an entire transformation? Or maybe you need a specific hairstyle for an upcoming event?

Shampoo & Blow-Dry


Did you know that before hair dryers people used vacuum cleaners to dry their hair? Alexander F. “Beau” Godefroy invented the blow dryer in 1890 in France. Undoubtedly the art of blowing out hair has improved throughout the years.

Shampoo Conditioner & Scalp Massage


Enjoy a professional shampoo and conditioning with one of our experienced stylists and top that off with a scalp massage.

Permanent Waves


Are you ready for a change and bored with your straight hair? Do you want to add some body and shine to your locks?

Hair Color Base Touchup


Many many years ago, Egyptians dyed their hair using henna. Greeks and Romans used plant extract to dye their hair.  

Color Change/Corrective Color

By Consultation

Have you been rocking the same hair color for a while? Ready to make a change and spice things up or maybe soften them?

Weave Highlights


Highlighting hair means selecting strands of hair and treating them with hair color or lightener to make them lighter than their base/natural color.

Partial Highlights


Partial or Express Highlights are done by applying a small amount of foils, papers or painted-on pieces which are usually focused on framing the face or a parting.

Color Gloss Toner


Color gloss toner is a demi permanent and translucent hair color treatment that conditions your hair.

Fashion Hair Color

By Consultation

Fashion Hair Color is growing in popularity. Everywhere we look, we see pastel and bold colors on hair.

Olaplex Hair Strengthening


OLAPLEX # 1 & 2 multiplies the inner bonds making hair stronger, healthier and prolongs color from fading.

Olaplex In Salon Treatment


Olaplex is designed to improve and strengthen the hair by multiplying the bonds within.  All resulting in stronger, shinier and healthier strands, color vibrancy lasts longer, curly locks are more controlled and wave pattern improves, overall elasticity and porosity greatly improves which speeds up drying time and longer lasting style.

Diora Keratin Keratherapy


Diora Keratin Keratherapy is a smoothing treatment that reduces bulk, coarse and thick or resistant unmanageable curly hair. It provides high shine and luxurious condition.