Olaplex In Salon Treatment

Olaplex is designed to improve and strengthen the hair by multiplying the bonds within.  All resulting in stronger, shinier and healthier strands, color vibrancy lasts longer, curly locks are more controlled and wave pattern improves, overall elasticity and porosity greatly improves which speeds up drying time and longer lasting style.
This service include the # 3 take home product. This is to be used once a week to prolong the health of your hair and will guarantee maximum results between salon visits.

Who can use Olaplex Treatments?

Olaplex products are beneficial and safe for Men, Women and children with any hair type or texture. Olaplex # 2 treatment can be applied as a stand alone in salon treatment.  Your stylist will cleanse your hair to prepare for the service, then blot towel dry.  Finally your stylist will apply Olaplex # 2, and thoroughly distribute throughout. After processing for up to 30 minutes, we shampoo and condition with our luxurious care products. Olaplex # 3 take home product is recommended to use once a week a to boost the service and continue to strengthen and keep your locks looking healthy and beautiful.

Pamper Yourself!

You can go one step further and have your hair trimmed after being cleansed and towel dried.  We recommended you choose this service when you are not needing a blow-dry style. The longer the # 2 product is left in  your hair, the results are amazing.  Later shampoo and condition with your favorite products at home. You will absolutely adore the way you look and feel!